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Victoria Gordon's Cats Kissing IconWriting as Victoria Gordon, author Gordon Aalborg penned twenty contemporary romance novels, published by Harlequin/Mills & Boon and now by Five Star.


Booklist Editor’s Top Ten Romance Fiction List for 2010

Wolf in Tiger's Stripes by Victoria Gordon

Wolf in Tiger's Stripes

American environmental journalist Judith Theresa Bryan has fled to Tasmania after a fiasco in Queensland, Australia, where a deceptive environmentalist led her down the path to professional disgrace and cost her the job she loved.

But in Tasmania, she gets a new chance, albeit one tainted by the fact that the same man who deceived her before will once again be involved in the story.

But what a story! If she can pull it off…

Judith is given the plum assignment of recording a full-scale search for the elusive and probably extinct thylacine—Tasmanian Tiger—and unrestricted access to the files of the leading expert on the topic, grazier Bevan Keene, who will lead the expedition.

One immediate problem is that Keene dislikes and distrusts all journalists, and especially environmental journalists. He also is on record as saying that no sane Tasmanian grazier would admit to having seen a Tassie Tiger on or even near his own land!

On the subject of whether the animal actually exists, Keene is nothing short of disingenuous. First he admits to Judith that he, personally, has indeed seen the allegedly extinct “tiger”, then denies having said any such thing. It is a problem that plagues Judith’s involvement in the expedition—she doesn’t trust Bevan Keene, he doesn’t trust her, but they seem to be falling for each other at the same time. Her mind tells her one thing; her body quite a different story entirely!

Is Keene just a wolf, with all-too-realistic expectations of making the copper-headed Judith his next conquest? Or is he, as she sometimes almost believes, the human incarnation of the Tassie Tiger they are supposed to be seeking, with a legitimate place for her in the mystique that surrounds him?

Judith has no choice but to follow Bevan’s lead through the Tasmanian wilderness in search of an animal that is supposedly extinct and a professional future that appears too often to be going in the same direction.

In the end, they find what Bevan Keene said all along that they were “meant to find.” And they find each other.

Wolf in Tiger's Stripes
by Victoria Gordon
Five Star/Gale/Cengage
ISBN # 978-1594148416
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Publication Date: January 2010

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Critical Acclaim for Wolf in Tiger's Stripes

“...enjoyable down-under romance...a keeper.
-- Publisher’s Weekly

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Cover: Finding Bess by Victoria Gordon Finding Bess
by Victoria Gordon
Five Star Publishing ISBN: 1-59414-101-0

Bess Carson writes steamy, best-selling historical romances, but the heart beneath her own bodice is an icy cinder. A corporate marriage to an abusive man has destroyed her confidence as a woman, and convinced her she's no good to any man.

Which is just fine with Bess. She doesn't want a man, doesn't need one, wouldn't have one. Even the thought of it terrifies her.

So when fellow author Geoffrey Barrett, a Tasmanian author of rugged, outback historical adventures, suggests she leave her beloved Colorado and fly to Australia so they can co-author a book together, she scoffs at the idea. Not least, it must be said, because he expresses a romantic interest in Bess, herself, though they've never met except through an authors' on-line discussion group.

Yes, they share a common interest — both love the Alfred Noyes poem "The Highwayman", sparking online discussions she privately terms, "Poetry in e-Motion".

But fly to Tasmania and co-author a book? the same computer, in the same house, without the safety of an ocean and a "delete" key between them — not on your life!

But that's suddenly a much better option than fighting off another corporate marriage bid being arranged by her manipulative tycoon father, and almost before she knows it, Bess is flying halfway round the world on a date with destiny.

Geoffrey Barrett is everything suggested by his web-site photo, a man as rawboned and vivid as Bess's suppressed emotions, and a man determined to drag Bess into his life and keep her there.

Then her cunning, malicious father takes a hand, and Bess is on the run again, fighting kidnappers, her own inhibitions and a growing love for her devastating co-author. Now everybody's out to find Bess — the father she fears and loathes and must confront for her own sanity, the man she has come to love, and — not least — Bess herself!

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"FINDING BESS is an intriguing tale of growth, self-discovery, adventure, suspense, and romance. Set in the author's homeland and influenced — or, at least, inspired — by his e-mail courtship of his American wife, it rings with authenticity. Geoff and Bess are complex characters, as well as a study in contrasts. He's confident, assured, and willing to work hard to achieve what he wants. Bess, on the other hand, can't lay claim to any of those traits except the last. Well-drawn and realistically portrayed, both are memorable. Add in the fascination of the story within the story, and it's a book fans of romantic suspense will find difficult to put down.

"For a unique, enjoyable, very intriguing tale, don't miss FINDING BESS. It's a book that will appeal to readers of romance, suspense, and general fiction novels."
~ Susan Lantz - Romance Reviews Today

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"FINDING BESS is an awesome story of life’s struggle, fatherly manipulation and love. I started reading this book, and the next thing I knew I was at the end! I was so completely absorbed into the life of Bess and her adventures that I totally lost track of time. The story line was exciting and kept me guessing until the end. I had not read Victoria Gordon’s books before, but after this one, I definitely plan to remedy that—and soon"
~ Teresa Henson, Romance Junkies

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"FINDING BESS is a fast, fun, sexy read that will leave the reader wowed and breathless, begging for more. Set in Gordon's alternate home, Tasmania, it has at its roots the real-life courtship of an American bride via email. Throw in some fictional suspense and drama, add action, shake vigorously and voila! FINDING BESS is the bang-up result. You won't be able to put it down."
~ Terese Ramin, award-winning author of Shotgun Honeymoon

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"Vintage Victoria Gordon…steamy and suspenseful. Fans of romantic suspense will be thoroughly entertained by this intriguing new novel. A fascinating tale within a tale that sets a new standard for romantic suspense."
~Fran Baker, author of Once a Warrior

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"The characters are so alive that they live on long after the book has been finished."
~ Patricia Rice, author of McCloud's Woman

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"Not your usual romance, FINDING BESS throws an appealing heroine and a compelling hero into a plot just far enough off the wall to ring true, spices it with a travelogue and insights into the writing business, and garnishes it with a wry sense of humor. These are characters that will stay with you long after your satisfied sigh at the last page of the story."
Lillian Stewart Carl, author of Time Enough to Die

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"Suspense, intrigue and a one-of-a-kind romance. Terrifically enjoyable. Utterly charming!"
~Judith Bowen, author of West of Glory




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